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The project PONICS VET, funded by the EU Erasmus Plus Programme, aims to the objectives of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020), including the corresponding benchmarks of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth and its education and employment headline targets through better labor market integration, especially  in the agricultural sector, by improving income in the food processing, food retail and food production.

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Today, hydroponic/hydroculture technology has become a popular topic. It appears, that there are a lot of superficial information made available about hydroponic/hydroculture in many media articles and in some agricultural productions regions. Yet, it remains elusive for many interested growers, simple information and training about hydroponics, hydroculture and sustainable techniques in agriculture are not easily found and obtained.  It seems, that this technology is only available to experts and  highly trained technicians!

Hydroponics/hydroculture is a mature resource efficient technology that can be implemented with some degree of flexible adjustment as a basic system with strong emphasis in improvement of resources management, also in small scale and lower budget. It can also be about very small levels in the agriculture that help each grower improve its productivity  and save time, resources and money. Actually, hydroponics/hydroculture has taken up a key role and will provide solutions in tackling global challenges such as water scarcity, food security, urbanisation, and reductions in energy use and food miles. It is also a new way to foster substantial income growth in Europe and in creating green jobs in agriculture.

We would greatly appreciate if you could stay with us for a few minutes to complete the short questionnaire below, which would show us data about your acquaintance with the hydroponics and sustainable forms of agriculture.

If you are interested in joining PONICS VET training, which is free of charge, and will be the result of such a survey, please do not forget to give us your contact data at the end of the questionnaire. Also, feel free to offer us your thoughts and ideas.

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